SPECIALS TRACK PREVIEW: Yuliya Fruman (Available Jan 10)


The full video will be available on Jan 10

Raising Children in a Multi-Lingual Home

This presentation focuses on how to teach young children multiple languages, focusing on the preschool age specifically. The presenter lives in a home where four languages are used regularly, and will be sharing how her son learned all four. The presentation will focus on practical tips for teaching a foreign language more generally, the importance (and ways to) support the minority language, and tips for materials to use. Depending on the language used, quality materials may be difficult to come by, which is why a discussion of how to create your own or what to look for when choosing them is covered in depth.

About Yuliya Fruman

Yuliya is a former researcher with a research masters in international relations turned stay at home mom. She blogs at Welcome to Mommyhood about raising her son in the Netherlands, their homeschool activities, and life as a paraplegic. She also sells printables and activities on her blog. Her activities are typically available in multiple languages.

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