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Ten Common Pitfalls of Montessori Homeschooling

After years of running a large Montessori homeschooling support group, I have observed several obstacles that prevent families from starting well and add frustration to the journey. We will look at the top ten issues in areas such as personal preparation, normalization, and overspending and discover ways to avoid them.

Whether you are brand new to the homeschooling journey or somewhere further down the path, being aware of these potential pitfalls can help ensure a smoother running experience. The topics we will explore are applicable to all families with school aged children.

By the end of this presentation, you will understand the common issues that occur when homeschooling with Montessori and know how to prevent them from becoming points of frustration.

About Bess Wuertz

Bess Wuertz fell in love with the Montessori Method over eight years ago, shortly after her first child was born. She now home educates her three children utilizing Montessori with the support of her husband. Bess is the Montessori columnist for Practical Homeschooling Magazine. She is also the founder of the Montessori Homeschooling Facebook Group. In her spare time, she is a professional actor and improv comedian.

She blogs about her journey at:

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