ELEMENTARY LEVEL TRACK PREVIEW: Anne-Laure Schneider (Available Jan 10)


The full video will be available on Jan 10

Homeschooling and Montessori's Cosmic Education

From the earliest stages to the age of 6, children are mostly interested in themselves, their families and their immediate environment. From the age of 6 though, they usually discover that there is a whole world around them, a world in which they need to find their places. This is what Maria Montessori calls "Cosmic Education".

We need to open the minds of our children to encompass their country, their planet, their history and all the nature around them. While Cosmic Education can be undertaken in a school setting, I firmly believe that homeschooling, with all the freedom it offers, is an even better fit. I will discuss the Great Lessons as a starting point and show you how you can incorporate all the subjects related to Cosmic Education (history, geography, botany, zoology, biology, but also music and art) into your homeschooling plan.

By the end of this presentation, you will have a clear understanding of what Cosmic Education is and a plan to introduce all these parallel subjects into your homeschooling (hint: it involves getting your hands dirty).

About Anne-Laure Schneider

Having benefited myself from a Montessori education in France, I have always wanted to share it with my children. With this idea in mind, I completed several levels of Montessori training with Yvette Pons, an AMI-certified teacher who received her diploma straight from Mario Montessori himself. With my three little homeschooled Montessorians, we now explore the world with passion and awe. You can find us strolling in the woods, walking the aisles of the Louvre, playing the piano or trying to light a fire with cavemen tools in our garden.

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