ELEMENTARY LEVEL TRACK PREVIEW: Tammy Oesting (Available Jan 9)

Practical Life: “It’s Elementary My Dear!”

Boost your elementary-aged child’s effectiveness to learn and build long lasting habits that enhance their well-being through practical life activities at home. Using Montessori principles, learn age-appropriate expectations and how to create meaningful opportunities by preparing your environment for your child’s independence.

This presentation will help you understand the necessity for Practical Life activities for your elementary-aged child and give you tools to implement age-appropriate exercises for care of self, others, and their environment

About Tammy Oesting

American Montessori Society 3-6 and E1-2 certified teacher Tammy Oesting loved her 17 years in the classroom; however, it was her years working with adults that lead her to serve the global Montessori community with professional development opportunities by founding ClassrooMechanics. As the Director of Education for a Montessori school ranging from infancy through elementary, a Field Consultant and Trainer for the Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest, and workshop presenter both regionally and nationally, Tammy is passionate about Montessori and delivers engaging insights about optimal learning.

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