FOUNDATIONS PREVIEW: Anastasia Rehbein (Available Jan 11)


The full video will be available on Jan 11

Freedom Within Limits In the Montessori Home Environment

Freedom, rules and discipline are the three most misunderstood concepts of the Montessori method. This misinterpretation presents the greatest barrier to parents embracing and implementing Montessori philosophy.

No child is the same. However, they all have a desire to feel secure and strive for independence. Montessori homeschooling is not fueled by a power-struggle, but by collaboration between a child and a parent via a display of mutual respect and trust.

Do I allow too much freedom?! Am I too strict?! What if my child doesn't like Montessori?! Do I "force" Montessori upon my child?!

In this presentation we will define the golden middle ground between freedom and limits. Innovative and practical examples will be provided to establish age-appropriate boundaries, to empower your child's sense of liberty and independence, as they progress on their journey of knowledge and exploration. We will discover how freedom within limits can help you and your child(ren) thrive within Montessori homeschooling environment.

About Anastasia Rehbein

Anastasia is the founder of the well respected Montessori Nature blog. The success and flexibility of the blog and the materials available to subscribers has allowed her to embrace Montessori homeschooling her two beloved children.
In terms of education, Anastasia has a degree in Information, Technology and Languages, a post graduate Education qualification and speaks four languages. As a professional she has worked with children and as a Montessori Early Childhood professional, for the past 15 years in Russia, Europe and Australasia.

Anastasia's work and ideas are featured in Montessori International magazine and recently published books - Montessori At Home Guides for parents. She believes in building honest communication with other parents through her blog. She shares homeschooling journey, quirky moments, honest truth and stories born from hours of uninterrupted child-driven discoveries in Nature.

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