FOUNDATIONS PREVIEW: Souzzann Zink (Available Jan 9)


The full video will be available on Jan 9

Inner Preparation of the Adult

It is easy to get caught up in the visible Montessori prepared environment of beautiful materials and the doing of presenting those activities to the children. However, without sufficient inner preparation of the adult, it is very difficult to support children to blossom in that amazing environment.

Dr. Montessori warned that, “the great majority of teachers, in the absence of sufficient training and experience, end by thinking that the ‘new child,’ so eagerly expected and of whom so much has been said, is nothing but a myth or an ideal” - and that it is so easy to trample on the early development of self-direction and free choice that actually brings out a child’s true self.

So how do you empower a “child who cannot yet obey an interior guide” to become a “free being who sets out to follow the long and narrow path toward perfection” - especially if you never had the benefit of that in your own childhood? The answer lies in a combination of studying specific respect practices and inner work.

In this presentation you will complete a self-assessment, do a process to reawaken “the deep and vital sensitiveness” that Montessori felt most of us have lost, and create a plan to keep deepening your mindfulness and insight with your children.

About Souzzann Zink

Souzzann recognized that one of the greatest challenges for Montessori parents and educators is making the personal transformation needed to treat children with the radical respect they need. She currently works with women committed to creating an extraordinary mothering experience for their children and themselves. Her Montessori background includes owning and running a school for children ages 3-9, helping two Montessori charter schools get established, homeschooling her own sons, creating a home study course used in Montessori schools in four countries, and hosting a Montessori TV show that reached over 20,000 viewers. Her credentials include an MAED from St. Catherine University Advanced Montessori Programs and a MACTE accredited Elementary II (ages 6-12) certification

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