Help Me Do it Myself : Redirecting Behavior

Toward Respect, Responsibility, and Re-Engagement

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When you discovered Montessori,
you knew there was something special about it.

The materials were ingenious, the classrooms were gorgeous...
but there was something more.

Something big.

Something universal.

Something about... humanity.

Something about how the adults viewed the child.

Something about what we're really trying to do in education.

So, what is that something that we're trying to do in education?

We're empowering our students to be their best selves.

Yes! That's why we're here!


So how do we keep this goal front and center when a child is "misbehaving"?

How do we decide what "misbehavior" is in the first place?

How do we decide when it's appropriate to intervene?

How do we avoid resorting to old methods of control and coercion?

What do we say and how do we say it?

Join us for this 1.5 hr pre-recorded presentation with Jonathan Wolff as we examine these questions and learn about how to redirect children's behavior towards respect, responsibility, and re-engagement.


This presentation will look closely at:

Knowing when to follow the lead and when to follow the need of the child.

3 reasons to redirect a child's behavior.

7 strategies to help the child re-affirm and re-establish respect for him or herself and his or her peers, teachers, parents, and the environment.

4 strategies to help the child assume responsibility for his or her thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds.

5 strategies to help the child re-engage in the task at hand.

Your Instructor

Jonathan Wolff
Jonathan Wolff

Jonathan has over 30 years of experience in the Montessori field, as an AMI credentialed teacher, school leader, keynote speaker, author and trainer.

The primary focus of his current consulting practice is on leadership development – designing best practices and writing books and articles that enhance individual and organizational performance.

Jonathan has an incisive ability to apply Dr. Montessori's educational constructs to training adults. His creative, interactive programs, his humorous and inspiring teaching style, and his deep insight into the needs of people and organizations are in high demand by organizations around the world.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
This course is best suited for professional educators. We will look at this topic through a Montessori lens, but non-Montessori education professionals will also also find a lot of value here. Parents and homeschoolers may also find this information useful.
Is this a live workshop?
No. This is a pre-recorded video presentation. You can view this video multiple times at your convenience. You have access for one year.
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You can get a certificate of attendance for 1.5 hours by request. You will need to fill out a feedback form. You will receive a PDF certificate via email, Read more about certificates of attendance HERE.
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A school registration allows up to 5 (or more) attendees from one school to participate and be eligible for certificates of attendance. An individual registration allows one person to receive a certificate.
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Once you register as a school, you will be sent additional unique registration links (We have to do this part manually, so please allow 48 hours). You will pass these links on to the staff members who will be participating from your school. They will need to log in and register via their unique link at no additional charge. They can then login and view the presentation as many times as desired at their convenience.
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