Seemi Abdullah

Get Ready for Back to School

Summer is the best time to get yourself organized for a successful school year. In this workshop we will cover practical strategies for managing all the back-end "admin stuff" you need to handle when running a classroom.

By the end of this workshop you will have a clear big-picture view of all the components of leading an effective classroom and walk away with a one-week plan for teacher-prep week.

About Seemi Abdullah

Seemi has been a Montessori teacher for over 15 years. She is passionate about early childhood and loves the Montessori community. She has worked in public and private Montessori programs, trained Montessori teachers, consulted at schools, owns a small Montessori school and serves on the board of a non-profit Montessori school

Where to find Seemi:

Website: Trillium Montessori

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Pinterest: @TrilliumMont

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