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Integrating Science and the Arts for Ecological Literacy

Art is a powerful catalyst for engaging students, teachers, families, and communities in environmental awareness that leads to increased ecological literacy. Whether in the nature journaling methods of the 20th century Nature-study advocates or the projects of 21st century artists utilizing public artwork to draw attention to contemporary environmental issues, art is a champion of progressive and environmental education through creative thinking and acting.

Eco-Art takes place in a variety of environments from the schoolyard garden, to parks, to the classroom, and easily integrates across Montessori curricula at all levels. Participants will explore nature-based art grounded in history, pedagogy, and methodology, while uncovering the ways in which natural elements are used to connect people to place. Drawing on the strength of children’s inherent connection to nature, and Montessori's valuing of nature in childhood, this presentation will deliver innovative practical applications for integrating art and science into the classroom, while promoting a connection to place and the natural world right outside our doors.

About Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson (BFA, MA, AMS 6-9) seeks to guide humans to slow down and reconnect with their natural world through the arts and gardening. An artist, author, nature journaling guide, Montessorian, and children's garden educator in Neptune Beach, Florida, she spends her days creating art, teaching nature journaling courses, and sparking wonder in the garden with community children. She brings her lifetime of creative expression and gardening experience to Wings, Worms, and Wonder: the online home of her book, blog, workshops, online nature journaling courses, and garden consultations

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Instagram: @wingswormsandwonder

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