Cathie Perolman

Making the Most of the Movable Alphabet

The Movable Alphabet is one of the few original didactic materials for teaching language arts that Maria Montessori gave us. Are you using this critical apparatus fully?

Join us for this informative workshop with Montessori teacher-trainer Cathie Perolman as she shares strategies and practical examples for how to make the movable alphabet come alive and lay the foundation for rich, deep, interconnected language development.

About Cathie Perolman

Cathie Perolman is a reading specialist, elementary educator, author, consultant, and creator of educational materials for primary and elementary students.

She has noticed that many classrooms have less than optimal Reading Materials often due to the time and energy it takes to create them. Using her skill as an educator and her knowledge of the process of learning to read, she decided to create interesting materials that could be easily used for early readers. Her work is the fruition of this effort!

For more than three decades she has dedicated her energies to improving reading for all youngsters. She serves as a Montessori teacher trainer, school consultant as well as a classroom teacher. She conducts workshops for teachers and administrators throughout the United States and has previously taught at the college level. She consults with teachers of all levels and enjoys advising students in training and supporting recent graduates.

Cathie has served as a Montessori educator for over 25 years. Presently she co-teaches a Primary Class at Nurturing Nest Montessori School in Columbia, Maryland.

Cathie is the author of Practical Special Needs For the Montessori Method: A Handbook for 3-6 Teachers and Homeschoolers. She is also the creator of Hands on Phonics, a phonics-based system of teaching reading to young children. She is a regular contributor to Tomorrow’s Child and Tomorrow’s Leadership.

Cathie Perolman holds a BS in Early Childhood Education and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education with a concentration in reading. She is credentialed as a Montessori teacher. She is married and has two adult children and two adorable granddaughters. Cathie lives in Ellicott City, Maryland.

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