Pamela Green

Montessori from the Start

Preparing an environment of connection, intention and purpose during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period

In this session we will explore the understanding that learning begins before birth, and the ways that mothers and fathers can connect and relate with their child during the months of pregnancy to help facilitate this.

We will discuss how your practices, preparation, and planning during the pre-birth period aid your newborn during the transition from the sensory rich inner world to the outer one.

We will uncover the importance of hormones naturally released during labor and birth, and how disturbances can impact the natural birthing process. We will go over ways that parents can help facilitate and create a gentle and natural birth environment.

We will learn about your newborn's points of reference and the basic needs of your newborn, from a Montessori perspective.

About Pamela Green

Pamela Green, a mother, Montessori parent, educator and consultant in homes, continues to be taught and guided by the children and families she serves. She is Montessori certified from preschool through the eighth grade, and taught and served as Head of School for twenty years.

Along with being an educator for over 26 years, she has also attended births in homes and in hospitals as a Birth Doula and assistant midwife since 1990. She currently is Founder and Director of Ananda Montessori Children’s House, where she facilitates a Montessori Parent-Infant and Child Program, as well as teaches Pre-birth education classes, and parenting workshops.

Where to find Pamela:

Website: Ananda Montessori Children's House

Facebook: Ananda Montessori Children's House

Email: [email protected]

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