Montessori Math Curriculum

A Refresher Course

Tammy Oesting

Building a Mathematical Mind the Montessori Way

Join instructor Tammy Oesting as we explore the primary Montessori math materials and learn to see the connections that build the foundation of the mathematical mind.

Whether you are fresh from training and need further rationale and guided visuals for your practice or are a seasoned Montessorian looking to reboot your passion for the brilliance of these materials, this workshop is sure to refresh your memory and inspire. These lesson demonstrations offer possibilities to a new approach that enhances your initial training, helping you build cognitive flexibility and broadened responsiveness to the child before you.

This course will give you a deeper understanding of the scope and sequence of the brilliant Montessori math materials and will reignite your passion for presenting the lessons.

You will learn:

● What number sense is and its foundational importance

● The conditions needed for nurturing the mathematical mind

Why we need the language of mathematics

Developmental milestones in the first plane of development

● Key experiences we can offer in a Montessori Classroom

How and when to introduce further abstraction

An overview of assessment tools

Demonstrations of all the key lessons in mathematics for the early childhood level (ages 2.5-6)

A certificate of completion for
4 hours is provided. Learn more about certificates here.
This course is eligible for a CEU upgrade from Loyola University- Aspire for an additional fee.

Course Topics

Number Sense

Create early experiences that amplify children's understanding of numbers


Learn about the language of mathematics and supporting skill development

Demonstrations include:
Number Rods
Sandpaper Numerals
Spindle Box
Memory Game
Cards and Counters

The Decimal System & Operations

Examine place value and key lessons with the Golden Beads

Demonstrations include:
Intro Tray
Equivalency/Tray of Nines
Number Construction
45 Layout
Intro to Operations

Linear Counting

Explore the materials of linear counting and their concrete and abstract uses

Demonstrations include:
Short Bead Stair
Teens Boards
Tens Boards
Short Chains
100 Board
Long Chains


Learn the benefits of memorizing math facts & how to avoid rote memorization

Demonstrations include:
Static & Dynamic operations for

Abstraction & Fractions

Learn when and how to introduce further abstraction

Demonstrations include:
Snake Game
Addition Strip Board
Multiplication Bead Bars
Multiplication Board
Division Board
Finger Charts
Intro to Fractions

Tammy Oesting

Tammy Oesting M.Ed. (she/her), is an internationally known Montessori speaker and teacher educator. With AMS certifications for the Primary, Lower, and Upper Elementary levels, and 17 years of experience in the classroom, she has the training, knowledge, and experience needed to support professionals at various stages of their careers. Tammy has a talent for making abstract concepts accessible. She has spent the last two decades delivering professional development workshops, consulting schools, and educating new Montessori teachers. Her passions include issues of social justice, educating support staff, life sciences, neuroscience as applied to educational practices, and exploring the magnificence of the world.

Tammy holds a B.S. Art from Portland State University and M.Ed. in Montessori Integrated Learning through TIES at Endicott College.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This course consists of pre-recorded videos. You will gain access to all the videos as soon as you register. You have access for one year and you may watch at your convenience, as often as you wish, during that time.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed primarily for 3-6 guides and school leaders that support them. Homeschoolers will also find this course very beneficial for understanding the math curriculum and will learn the best way to use the materials.

Will you demonstrate how to use the Montessori math materials?

Yes, this course includes videos for how to present all the key math materials for the primary level (3-6 year olds).

Is this a complete Math curriculum training?

No, this course is not a replacement for an accredited teacher education program.

Does the course include lesson plans or materials?

No. This course does not replace initial training or include a Math album or lesson plans.

Is this appropriate for parents?

Parents are welcome and will find the detailed explanation of the Montessori math curriculum illuminating. Caution: if your child attends a Montessori school, we advise that you not purchase materials to do extra work at home. In the vast majority of cases, children will stop doing these activities at school if they have the same materials at home.


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