The Basics of Home-Based Montessori Preschools

A Guide for Montessori Teacher-Owners

Have you been thinking of opening a home-based Montessori school?

Join us for an enlightening look at what the startup experience is like, learn about the basics you'll need to have in place, and find inspiration that you can do it too!

In this one-hour presentation, Tasha Ring discusses

  • the benefits of a home-based setting
  • the basics of starting a home-based school business
  • considerations for space and materials
  • an introduction to marketing
  • the management and logistics of running a home-based school

By the end of this presentation, you will have the confidence to begin your own journey towards becoming the teacher-owner of a home-based Montessori preschool!

Your Instructor

Tasha C. Ring
Tasha C. Ring

Tasha is a Montessori mother, teacher and observer, as well as the founder, director and principal consultant at Meridian Learning, a resource and advocacy organization for grassroots microschools and inspired teacherpreneurs.

Her most recent role is creator and co-host of Minimalist Montessori, a growing online community for those seeking positive change through the application of minimalist and Montessori principles.

An early and continuous advocate of a less is more approach to learning, she's excited to share the basics of home-based Montessori preschools with new and aspiring Montessori teacher-owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This workshop is best for Montessori-trained teachers who are interested in opening a home-based preschool.

Is this a live workshop?

No. This is a pre-recorded video presentation. You can view this video multiple times at your convenience. You have access for at least one year.

Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance?

You can get a certificate of attendance for one hour by request. You will need to fill out a feedback form. You will receive a PDF certificate via email. We recommend confirming with your local licensing agency prior to registering if you are relying on having the certificate approved. Read more about certificates of attendance HERE.

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