Conflict Resolution

Restoring Harmony & Equipping Others To Do The Same

Virginia Lozuke

How do you effectively guide children through resolving conflicts in an early childhood community?

This presentation examines the elements needed to have a more conflict-friendly classroom. Learners will increase their tools for conflict by receiving a framework for resolution of classroom conflicts, along with helpful phrases and common pitfalls to avoid.

Whether you're a natural at dealing with conflict or conflict averse, at the end of this workshop you will have a greater confidence in your ability to not only manage conflicts but to embrace them as the empowering opportunities they can be for your students.

This presentation was first published in the 2021 P2P Summit.

A certificate of completion for 1 hour 20 mins is provided. Learn more about certificates here.

We will look at:

An adaptable framework for resolving classroom conflicts.

Self-examination as preparation as a guide.

Tools for scaffolding conflict resolution.

A few scenarios with example language to use when facilitating conflict.

How to navigate more subtle and nuanced situations.

Virginia Lozuke

Virginia Lozuke has been teaching 3-6 for 17 years and additionally acting as a head of school at Montessori Farm School in Durham, NC for the last nine. She loves educating adults as much as children, and has worked as a teacher trainer presenting in person instruction on Practical Life, Science, and Geography for a local MACTE approved training program. Virginia is a regular contributor to our 3-6 P2P Library where she answers guides’ questions. Her classroom & school are featured on Instagram @montessori_farm_school and sheshares additional videos for teachers @montessorimoxie.

This workshop is done so well, and it is imperative for teachers at any level no matter how much experience they have to experience it. Virginia is very engaging and offers a streamlined constructive process for conflict resolution. She gives typical scenarios from her own experiences, with all of the dialogue, so that we can learn how we can take the children through this process. This teaches them life-changing skills and habits that transform classrooms into supportive and peaceful communities. -Christine Noble

I have worked in a Montessori setting for multiple years, but am newer as an early childhood guide. I found the examples given were extremely applicable and relatable and the tools shared were very helpful. I look forward to putting them into practice this upcoming school year. -Spencer Thompson

Delivered with a sunny and empowering disposition, Virginia Lozuke's talk offers so much practical advice born of years of actual work on herself and with children. Having watched this presentation, I feel more confident in my abilitiy to address conflict as an opportunity. I am grateful! -Cathy Johanni

The language that Virginia provided when modeling conflict resolution was extremely helpful, as was her overall approach to setting up a classroom community that is prepared to deal with conflicts positively and peacefully when they arise. -Kristen Baron

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is best for teachers working with children aged 3-6.

When does the course start and finish?

This course consists of pre-recorded videos. You will gain access to all the videos as soon as you register. You have access for one year and you may watch at your convenience, as often as you wish, during that time.

Is this appropriate for parents?

The principles in this webinar can certainly be applied by parents. However, most of the examples used will be for a classroom setting and will reflect the student-teacher dynamic. We will not be addressing parents' needs specifically.


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