Materials and the Mind

A deep dive into what makes the Montessori materials unique.

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When you look at your shelves, do you sometimes wonder if the materials you have added or created are truly "Montessori"?

What does "truly Montessori" even mean?

Join Andy Lulka in an examination of this very important, and very big question. Explore the purpose of the materials and how they work within the prepared environment to create a web of learning.

Investigate the qualities that make the Montessori materials unique amongst learning activities, didactic tools, teaching aids and toys. Learn about how and when to add new activities and materials successfully, and in a way that is congruent with Montessori philosophy.

We will focus primarily on the 3-6 (primary/preschool) level.

"Thanks for a wonderful, inspiring class! I have been teaching Montessori for years, and this was a wonderful reminder of the genius of the Montessori materials, and how little supplemental materials need to be provided!"
-Jan Fazier

presented by

Andy Lulka

Andy Lulka has spent her whole life in and around Montessori; the last ten years or so more formally than the rest. Andy is a certified 3-6 teacher and holds an M.Ed. in Montessori Integrative Learning. Andy also has experience in various capacities with every age group from Toddler through Middle School and is currently pursuing 12-18 certification. She has worked in the areas of parent education, school administration, teacher training and professional development.

Andy is widely known and deeply respected for her ability to articulate the nuances of Montessori practice and the inner preparation of the teacher. Countless Montessorians around the globe consider her a mentor.

According to Andy, her toughest and proudest role in the Montessori community is, by far, that of mother to a Montessori boy.

Learn more about Andy.


In this presentation, we will look closely at...

The purpose of the materials

What are they, why are they important, and what is their role in Montessori education?

What are their developmental functions?

The role the materials play in the prepared environment

How are they used as developmental tools by the child?

How do they provide an integrated way of learning through their interrelationships?

What does it mean that they are “one of several devices by which the Montessori principles are expressed”? (Mario Montessori Jr.)

The qualities that make the materials unique

How are they different from other toys, learning tools, and educational games?

What are the essential qualities of Montessori materials?

How and when to add materials and activities

How can we determine that additional materials are needed?

How can we follow the interests of the children?

How can we ensure the materials meet the essential qualities explored above?

"I think this is a great course for Montessori teachers who may find themselves in a classroom situation where other materials have creeped in -- to think about why they've been put there -- and if it's justified to keep them. This course outlines what to think about determining what you put on your shelves and makes you realize how deep these materials go when the extensions are put to use, especially over the course of time that a child has in a Montessori environment."
-Nancy Guartofierro


This presentation is for you if...

You want a deeper understanding of how the Montessori materials function as an essential element of Montessori education

You want to understand what the materials have to do with class management and discipline

You are unsure whether the materials you have created are really Montessori

You are overwhelmed by the thought of having to make more materials

You are a new teacher and want to get more comfortable with the materials

You are an experienced teacher and want to fall in love with the materials all over again

"This course was excellent. It allowed me to work at my own pace, gave me clear ideas and confirmed my own knowledge. I will continue to take courses through Trillium Montessori because of their high quality and relevance."
-Beth Wood

This presentation will...

inspire you to engage with the materials in a new way

reinvigorate your Montessori practice

provide you with ideas for how to inspire sensorial extensions and variations

This presentation will not...

show any presentations start to finish

replace any kind of training

serve as an introduction to the use of the materials

show children at work

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for Montessori professionals. Non-Montessori educational professionals and homeschoolers will also find a lot of value in the content here. However, this presentation does not replace any kind of training or demonstrate the basic use of any material. It is not meant for beginners.
Is this a live workshop?
No. This is a pre-recorded video presentation. You can view this video multiple times at your convenience.
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