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  Getting Ready

Welcome to the Classroom Setup Bootcamp!

Are you excited about getting started on your classroom?

I am delighted to have you here and I hope you have a ton of fun as you make your way through this course!

There is a lot of information packed into the lessons in this bootcamp. It's called bootcamp for a reason! There's a lot to cover and I urge you to go at your own pace.

A Note About Montessori Training

This bootcamp is designed to work within the parameters of any professional Montessori training program. My goal is to help you create structures that you can use to manage the information you received in your training. It is NOT my intention to tell you which materials are acceptable and which ones are not, what is "Montessori" and what is "not Montessori". If you see something in this course that is contrary to your training, please feel free to disregard it. Use the parts that serve you.

Tips for Success

1. Commit to spending a certain amount of time each day to work on the bootcamp assignments. Take a page from the Montessori playbook and give yourself a three hour un-interrupted work period. (Just be advised that some of the lessons may require more than one work cycle to complete!)

2. Get a timer! Or a timer app on your phone. Make a decision to work efficiently and effectively otherwise you may get quite overwhelmed, specially if you're a new teacher.

3. Mentally prepare yourself for making some tough decisions. I will provide you with options and you will have to decide what to adopt and what to put aside.

4. Recognize that you will not get everything done. This is ok. One thing I have learned in almost two decades of teaching is that I'm never going to get it all done. Do what you can, and keep moving forward.

5. Adopt the attitude of kaizen: work towards continual small improvements. This bootcamp will help you get a structure in place but as you go through the year you will find ways you can tweak and improve things.

6. Join the private Facebook Group. This group is the place to go to ask questions, communicate with current and former bootcampers and share your progress. Some of our class participants have many years of experience and have been sharing their best tips and tricks with us! If your FB profile name is different than the name you've used to register for this course, please send me a private message on FB identifying yourself so I can approve your join request. Participation in the Facebook group is optional. However, I urge you to join us if you can. The experience will be much richer for everyone if you join and share.

Time Needed

Option 1: "Bootcamp Speed"

I recommend that you take at least one full day to process the information in each lesson. This means that the course will take you about three weeks to complete. If you want to get everything done by the end of the three weeks, then be prepared to put in some hard work. You will have to make a lot of decisions. You won't have the luxury of lingering over options or getting lost down memory lane as you go through old boxes of materials! You are going to make things happen!

Option 2: "Realistic Speed"

If you are taking this course during the school year, of course you will not be able to commit that much time on a daily basis. Please go at your own pace. I recommend taking the full school year to delve into the topics in depth. Schedule one evening a week to work on each of the lessons. Some of the lessons will require a couple of weeks to complete.

I want you to get the most out of this course and that means actually taking the time to think through and do the assignments. There is no rush to get the assignments done. Take your time. You will have access to all the course materials for at least a year and most likely beyond that.

Tips to Help you Navigate the Course Platform

1. Many of the lessons have videos. The videos will automatically start playing when you open the lesson page. You can turn the auto-on feature OFF by clicking on the gear icon in the top left of your screen.

2. If the video doesn't load or it gets stuck, simply refresh the page and it should be fine.

3. Most of the handouts are in Word document format. When you click on the download link, they will download onto your hard drive. It should ask you where you'd like to save them on your computer. If it doesn't, that means your computer is set to automatically download to a specific folder. This folder is usually called "Downloads".

4. You are free to skip around within the lessons. However, I do recommend that you follow the sequence. The later lessons build upon the work you do in the earlier lessons.

5. Don't ignore the links in the External Resources section of each lesson. I have carefully selected these resources and they will lead you to a tremendous wealth of information.

Use of Course Materials

Please note that all course content including downloadable documents, images, videos etc. is copyrighted. You are permitted to download, adapt and personally use all downloadable documents. However, you may NOT share or distribute any of the content in its original or adapted forms to your colleagues or others. The videos are not downloadable. Any handouts included in this course not created by me have been used with permission by the authors. Thank you kindly for respecting these copyrights.

Ready to begin?

Let's move on to the first lesson! You should see the list of lessons in the left sidebar. You can also click the "Complete and Continue" arrow in the top right of the screen.

P.S. Please forgive the bad-hair-day videos! I'm a busy teacher like you!