Homeschool Summit 2017

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Welcome to the
Trillium Montessori HOMESCHOOL SUMMIT 2017,
a one-of-a-kind Montessori conference!

This 4-day event is packed with workshops, community, and resources...
and it is 100% online!

This summit has been designed to make the 'conference experience' accessible to all.

No matter where you live in the world or what your budget is, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can be a part of this with us!

January 9-12, 2017


Registration is Closed


The ALL ACCESS PASS includes FOURTEEN sessions!


Yes! You get access to ALL FOURTEEN sessions for one low price.

Access the sessions at YOUR convenience

No travel costs.

No hotels.

Settle into your favorite chair at home and join like-minded homeschoolers from around the globe!


How Does It Work?

Once you register, you will be prompted to create an account on this site so you can log in. The workshop sessions will be presented in video format and will become available according to the schedule below. You can log in and view them as soon as they go live, or come back later and view them at your convenience.

TIP: You will watch the videos online within the course platform and will not be able to download them, so make sure you have a good internet connection!

You will also be invited to join our Summit Facebook group where you can chat and network with other attendees. Connecting with others is usually the best part of attending a conference, so don't shy away from this!

And what's a Montessori conference without an exhibit hall?! When we go to real-life conferences, most of us Montessorians and homeschoolers like to spend as much time checking out the vendors as we spend in the workshop sessions! We are excited to offer our Summit attendees a similar experience. But instead of aisles of booths to wander down, you will have access to our "virtual exhibit hall" with descriptions and links to companies that serve the Montessori community. Our goal is to help you discover the mom-and-pop Montessori shops around the world that don't have the marketing budget to pay for a booth at the large regional conferences.

See more Frequently Asked Questions below.


Monday, January 9

The Inner Preparation of the Adult

with Souzzann Zink

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All Tracks

Montessori Reading Materials in the Homeschool Environment

with Cherine Muirhead

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Primary Level Track

Practical Life: "It's Elementary My Dear!"

with Tammy Oesting

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Elementary Level Track

The ABCs of Montessori and Special Needs

with Renae Eddy

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Specials Track


Tuesday, January 10

Ten Common Pitfalls of Montessori Homeschooling

with Bess Wuertz

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All Tracks

Add Interest To Your Homeschool For Multiple Ages: How to Use Montessori Inspired Unit Studies

with Deb Chitwood

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Primary Level Track

Homeschooling and Montessori's Cosmic Education

with Anne-Laure Schneider

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Elementary Level Track

Raising Children in a Multi-Lingual Home

with Yuliya Fruman

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Specials Track


Wednesday, January 11

Freedom Within Limits in the Montessori Home Environment

with Anastasia Rehbein

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All Tracks

The Magic of Montessori Math: How to Use the Golden Beads

with Lara Jacobs

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Primary Level Track

How to Start and Run an Elementary Aged Homeschool Project Group

with Leanna Ampola

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Elementary Level Track

Leaning In To Homeschooling a Differently Wired Child: Tips and Inspiration for Making It Work

with Debbie Reber

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Specials Track


Thursday, January 12

Special Tips for Your Homeschool Journey

with Patrick Farenga

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All Tracks

The Geometric Cabinet: Lessons and Extensions

with Maria Burke

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Elementary Level Track



With the All Access pass you also get these incredible bonuses from our presenters and exhibitors!

Bonus Workshops!

Montessori 101 for parents and teachers from Great Montessori Webinars

Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry from Mama Bear Consulting

Annotated guide to 70 free Montessori workshos from Souzzann Zink

Educational Printables!

Anatomy of an Ideal Montessori Lesson cheatsheet from ClassrooMechanics

Parts of a Butterfly 3-Part Cards + Definitions from Diamond Montessori

Parts of an Eagle 3-Part Cards from Puzzle Heads Educational

Parts of a Wasp 3-Part Cards and More from Making Montessori Ours

Charting the ABCs of Behavioral Analysis Worksheet from Every Star is Different

Polluted and Clean Water sorting cards from I Believe in Montessori

Grammar Proficiency for Primary Phonics from Lighthouse Learning

Healthy Food Alphabet Do-a-Dot Pack from Living Montessori Now

Continents Puzzle Map and 3-Part Cards from Max&Naoli

Emotions 3-Part Cards from Montessori Nature

Counting and Sorting Math Cards from TheLaminatrix

40+pages of Pink Series Language Materials from Tot Labs by Welcome to Mommyhood

12 Months of Wonder Wednesday (Connecting with art and nature for children) from Wings Worms and Wonder


This special bonus will be released inside the All Access track on January 13th. You can request a free shopping code up to $75 to spend on anything you want in the Trillium Montessori Shop.

Last Day to Register and Be Eligible for Bonuses:

Friday January 13 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any admission requirements?
No. Each track is open to all who are interested. Certain tracks may be of more interest to certain groups, but registration is not restricted.
What is the "Homeschool Summit 2017"?
It is an online conference focused on the needs of Montessori Homeschoolers. The entire 4-day event will be held online. Attendees will create an account to log in to our course website and view videos of the presentations. Attendees can select from one of three tracks or get the full conference bundle (called the All-Access pass). They will also have access to a Facebook group to chat and network with other attendees. Presenters all have either Montessori training or extensive experience with Montessori homeschooling. We also have a few expert speakers who are well known in the homeschooling or special needs fields.
What is "Trillium Montessori Courses?
We are a small Montessori preschool located in North Carolina. We share activities from our classroom on our blog and sell our printable educational materials in our TpT Store. We have recently begun offering online courses for parents and educators here on the Trillium Montessori Courses site.
Is there a discount for multiple registrations?
No. This Summit is priced to be affordable for teachers and parents who are paying out of their own pockets.
Do I have to attend the sessions live?
No. Because this is a video based conference, all the sessions are recorded and will be available for viewing at your convenience once they are published.
When does the Summit begin and end?
The first session will become available on January 9th, 2017. The last session will become available on January 12th, 2017. You will have access to the recordings for at least one year after the last session ends.
Is this considered Montessori training?
No. This is not a replacement for Montessori training.
Who is this Summit for?
This Summit is for families who are using the Montessori approach to homeschool their children. By "homeschool" we mean that you are teaching your children at home rather than sending them to school.
If your child attends a Montessori school, you will still enjoy most of these sessions, but please understand that you are not expected to follow an academic curriculum with your child at home. We highly recommend that you consult with your child's school and teacher before you attempt to do so.
Will I be able to ask questions during the sessions?
In order to ensure that we do not have any last-minute technical difficulties, all the sessions are pre-recorded. There will be no live chat feature.
Will I get a certificate of attendance?
You can get a certificate of attendance for this track by request. You will need to fill out a feedback form. You will receive a separate certificate for each session via email, along with course descriptions and questionnaires/quizzes about the contents of each session. This means you DO NOT HAVE to watch every session in this track in order to get the certificate. You can pick and choose the ones that suit your needs. You may need to submit the completed questionnaires with your certificates to your local licensing agency in order to be eligible for continuing education credits in your area. Read more about certificates of attendance HERE.
Are these presentations suitable for teachers?
Yes! While the focus is on applying these concepts to a homeschool setting, professionals will gain a LOT from these as well! You will get a refresher on some essential Montessori foundations, as well as pick up some curriculum and behavior management strategies.
Will I have access to the videos after the Summit is over?
Yes. You will continue to have access to the Summit videos and handouts for at least a year, and probably more. Simply log in and view at your convenience.
Is this price per session or for the whole track/summit?
You get access to all fourteen sessions in the summit with one low registration price. Yes, we know... it's a great price! We're so thankful that technology allows us to bring these amazing resources to you at such a reasonable cost.
I am trying to create an account but it says my email is already taken. What do I do?
This means that you already have an account with Trillium Montessori Courses because you registered for one of our other courses in the past. Use the password you created when you originally signed up, and then login to continue your purchase. If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot Password" below the login button to reset your password. Please do not create multiple accounts for yourself using different emails.
I have more questions.
Please contact support@TrilliumMontessori.org