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For Montessori teachers

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This course is for you if:

You are a Montessori teacher for the 3-6 (Primary) level

You want to be very prepared for the year ahead

You are a new teacher and you don't know where to begin with setting up your Montessori classroom

You're an experienced teacher and are ready to overhaul your room and start fresh

You're happy with your classroom but you want some new tips and tricks to spruce up your environment

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My name is Jennifer Nichols, I was AMS certified in 3-6 in 1997 and 6-9 a few years later. I taught for several years before staying home with my children for a while. Two years ago I opened my own school in my home and have been loving every minute of it.

I decided to sign up for Bootcamp after discovering that it wasn't just for new teachers like I had thought. I am SO glad I did! It was worth every penny! Bootcamp broke down the tasks of getting ready for school into manageable sections and gave me motivation and inspiration to work on each task with excitement.

I looked at each area of my classroom in a whole new light. I made numerous wonderful changes that I hadn't thought of prior to Bootcamp. I made changes to my floor plan, I was inspired to make new works, I changed my record keeping method, my parent communications, my planning, my organization, etc.

I also loved the supportive community formed in the Bootcamp Facebook group, this was crucial for me since I don't have co-workers. I feel like I was getting into a rut and Bootcamp rescued me from it. I'm so happy with the results and excited for school to begin! Thank you so much, Seemi! I'm already thinking about signing up again next summer!!

-Jennifer Nichols, AMS Primary (3-6) and Elementary (6-9)

In this course you will learn:

How to prepare the environment for YOU

How to create an assistant training plan

How to set up your record keeping system

How to plan your classroom routines and procedures

How to create a parent relations plan

How to plan for the first weeks of school

How to create a year long cultural studies plan

How to organize storage and classroom shelves for the five main curriculum areas:

Practical Life

And more... Check out the Curriculum below to see a full list of the lessons.

This course includes

3 Modules with 20+ detailed lessons

Video and photo tutorials

Handouts and worksheets that you can download and edit

Downloadable forms you can begin to use right away

My private list of links to over 100 free educational printables from around the web

Membership in a private Facebook support group where you will get advice, encouragement and inspiration for all things related to setting up your classroom

Your Instructor

Seemi Abdullah
Seemi Abdullah

Hello! I'm Seemi, the owner and main instructor here at Trillium Montessori Courses.

I've been a Montessori assistant, intern, AMS certified teacher in public and private Montessori schools, administrator, teacher trainer, consultant, school owner, and blogger. Oh, and I now also serve on the board of the school where I got my Montessori start almost two decades ago! I love connecting with Montessorians from around the world and I am delighted you are here!

"I have been a Primary guide at Decatur Montessori since 2000. I completed my AMI training with Lilian Bryan (now retired).

Let me say, that your advice and wonderful ideas for the Teacher Work station are what I appreciated the most! So inspirational. This is an area that I fall so short on. I spend a lot of time tweaking details for the children's environment and neglect the adult's portion. Thank you so much for bringing this to my conscious mind so I could attend to it. The way you do this is so very helpful and made the setting up easier. It is always easier when someone else has done all the hard work!

I appreciate your generosity in sharing all your work with us. The little parts I have completed, beautifying my Binders, has made such a difference and now I look forward to getting them out and am not ashamed to set them out on our Filing cabinet.

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this group. Thank you for having me it has been a great experience."

- Heather Thompson, AMI - Primary (3-6)

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

This is a self-paced course. You can begin at any time.

Are there any admission requirements?

Not officially, but if you don't have Montessori training, then much of what we do will not make sense to you. I will ask you to refer to your Montessori albums a few times. You will also need access to a computer, email, and reliable internet, of course. You will also need to be familiar with the device you use to access the internet. I am unable to provide tech support for your computer/tablet/laptop etc.

Will this course qualify me to teach in a Montessori school?

No. This is not a Montessori training course.

Are there any required assignments?

As with any course, you will get out of it what you put into it. The goal of the course is to guide you towards getting your classroom ready for the school year. You are not required to complete any assignments for the Self-Paced course. It is up to you to choose which of the recommended assignments will best suit your specific needs. Some assignments will be required as documentation of participation for the Professional level course (dates TBD)

Will I get a certificate at the end of this course?
More information will be available when the course opens. A 15 hour certificate will be provided.
I don’t have access to my classroom right now. Can I still take the course?

Yes. You will have access to the course content online. Start working through it at your own pace when you are able.

I don’t have a Facebook account and I don’t want one. Will that be a problem?

A Facebook account is not required. Membership in the private Facebook group is optional. It is available as an extra resource and forum for participants to discuss progress and share pictures etc.

Is this course limited to residents of a particular country?

It is open to residents of any country. You just need to have access to a computer and internet.

I am a Toddler or Elementary teacher. Will this course help me?

This course is for the 3-6 level (primary) level. You are welcome to join us, but you will have to adapt most of the content to suit your level.

I am not a Montessori teacher but I do teach in an early childhood classroom. Should I take this course?

If you do not have Montessori training, the discussions about curriculum areas may not make much sense to you. However, you are welcome to join us if you feel the sections on organization and planning will be helpful to you.

I homeschool my children. Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for professionals who are managing a classroom. Some sections can be adapted easily for the needs of homeschoolers, but some sections will be irrelevant. You are welcome to join us if you feel that the relevant sections will be of enough help to you.

Feedback from former students

Review of Classroom Setup Bootcamp from Trillium Montessori on Vimeo.

"My name is Meg Herron and I've been teaching preschoolers for 25+ years mostly in a traditional classroom setting. Upon completing my NAMC Montessori (3-6) training a few years ago, I started to slowly integrate it into my existing program but wished to more fully incorporate it this upcoming school year.

The problem was I still had many questions so I turned to the internet which led me to the Trillium Montessori website and this course. What a lucky find! It has been, to say the least, invaluable! From setting up record keeping, to creating shelf maps, to what's in the language area. It has all been extremely helpful.

Normally, when I take a workshop, seminar, or online course, I expect I may learn a few new ideas. However, with this course, I had trouble keeping up with all the practical ideas, relevant information, and amazing resources that I received every day. "Boot Camp" describes it very well!

Well worth the price! I would recommend this course to anyone who is new to Montessori or anyone who needs guidance in refining and organizing their program. Thank you!"

- Meg Herron, NAMC - Primary (3-6)

"I was an AMS Children's House teacher for 15 years before retiring in 2010. Loved it! Now I help other public school districts start up their charter Montessori schools and teach a Montessori course at UW-LaCrosse in Wisconsin. I really thought this course would be beneficial for what I do, and I was absolutely right! I have gleaned so much information and really look forward to each day's plethora of videos. links, resources, and sharing of ideas. The course would be valuable for every Montessori teacher, new or experienced, and well worth the price. Thank you for this course!"

- Nancy Schaitel - AMS - Primary (3-6)

"My name is Nyamikeh and I have a Foundation certificate on Montessori pedagogy from MCI ( UK) (0-6 years). I'm a retired insurance professional (2yrs now). I have a preschool in Accra, Ghana where we use the traditional method. But now incorporating the Montessori methods. I have been teaching the Montessori method for one year now. I'm so glad I took this course because it has given me the chance to set up my Montessori room without mental sweat! Physical yes because ther e's so much to put together. I found the lesson on shelf maps particularly helpful because it made putting the activities on the shelves easy. It was also comforting that members in the group wanted to share their ideas. I think it's a great value for the price and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting a well thought out efficient classroom. Seemi your program is just awesome and very helpful, especially for those of us who are new to Montessori. The ideas, resources and depth of information is so vast and practical."

- Nyamikeh K - MCI - Foundations (0-6)

"I earned my AMS certification a year ago and last year worked as an assistant in the same classroom where I did my year-long internship (while working as an assistant teacher). When one of our teachers left I was encouraged to apply for the job and at first I declined. I wasn't sure I wanted to take on the added responsibility, especially since Montessori is a second career for me – I worked in journalism for 40 years and am 64 years old!

I'm so glad I signed up for the course because it really appealed to my essentially organized nature and broke up all the dozens of tasks into digestible chunks.

The teacher organization material (the notebook system) was particularly useful, as was the shelf mapping exercise. The shelf mapping helped me edit the shelves left by the former teacher, a veteran teacher who has naturally modified works and methods through the years. By mapping, I could guarantee that I wasn't missing any essentials but still clear out materials in a very crowded classroom so that I had space for my own ideas and more space for the children to move around the room.

I think the course is absolutely worth the price. The forms and downloads that you provide are worth that much. I liked that much of what was in the videos was repeated in the text, so there wasn't a need to take prodigious notes while watching the video. The external resources were great, too, especially for a new teacher who is just finding her way through the Montessori universe."

- Debi B, AMS - Primary (3-6)

"Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this fabulous class. I learned a lot. It was a well designed course, very thorough, it will be very useful to me when I open my school. I love the videos. Your classroom is a model for me. It is so well organized and pretty. I wish other students find you and benefit from your expertise. Again thank you , thank you from the bottom if my heart. By the way, the amount you are charging is a bargain, compared to other classes similar to yours."

- Carmel N

"Seemi, I have been loving your class. This year we are revamping the classroom. We are adding a transition year classroom to work into lower elementary with a new teacher so I am slowly working through your bootcamp class. I hope that there will be ample time to catch up as I don't want to miss anything. It's very inspirational to see other classrooms. Thank you for doing this class it has helped me feel much more prepared and together!"

- Jane M

"I am enjoying your course immensely! My classroom is all set up as it is the classroom the school uses for new student tours. I definitely am going to make some changes when I go back...Thank you for this course, it is amazing and extremely helpful."

- Linda K

"Thank you for the wonderful videos explaining Language with such detail. I loved loved loved the way you have your language area organized. It makes so much sense your way."

- Andrea R

"I am enjoying the bootcamp so much! I am AMS trained and have worked at a small public charter school in eastern NC for fourteen years. I began as an assistant and became a lead teacher in the children's house 9 years ago. We don't get many opportunities to get out of our classroom to observe and/or rejuvenate! This bootcamp has been a wealth of information! I have also enjoyed the posts from our classmates. I can't wait to implement all the new ideas swimming in my head! Thank you Seemi. This was so needed by the Montessori community!"

- Sara M

"Thank you so much for this course! It gave me the needed refresher and excitement to approach my 12th year with renewed commitment. I love the parent communication piece... it gave me a nice streamlined model for communication."

- Amanda E

This course is not open for enrollment.