Control or Character?

How to Talk to Parents About Discipline

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What do parents need to hear right now?

Understanding discipline from a Montessori perspective ourselves and talking to parents about it are two very different things. This webinar will focus on how to translate what we know into terms parents can understand and principles they can apply right away, and on how to prepare a virtual environment that will help parents engage more fully with what we’re saying.

This presentation is for you if:

  • you want more clarity about how to explain complicated ideas to parents
  • you don't know what parents need to hear right now
  • you have found your role shifting from working with children to working with adults
  • you are wanting to support children during the crisis

Andy and Regina Lulka

Integrating Montessori
Montessori Jewish Day School

Regina and Andy both began their official Montessori lives in 1977. Regina as an adult undergoing training, and Andy as a child entering the Casa. Since then, both have undergone multiple trainings, completed MEd programs, seen their children graduate from Montessori schools, and have worked and advocated for Montessori from inside the classroom as well as in the broader community. Their joint experience covers all three planes of development, as well as administration, parent engagement, teacher education, and professional development. Currently, Regina is Head of School at the Montessori Jewish Day School and sits on the CCMA board, while Andy creates professional development opportunities for Montessori teachers online as co-founder of Integrating Montessori and in many other ways.


Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for school leaders and teachers who serve all ages.

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No. This is a pre-recorded video presentation. You can view this video multiple times at your convenience.

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